Our New Blog!

Welcome to CBBAG SK’s new blog! If you have any suggestions to how our new blog should look or what it should include let us know by adding a comment below!



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3 responses to “Our New Blog!

  1. Cathryn

    Looks good: now we just need some content!


  2. I’ve just completed 2 weeks with Monique Lallier – the first one taking a course with her in Calgary called New Oriental Binding, and this last week she was with me here in Sask. where we did an exchange -she learned more about wheat paste cloth, and I learned how to improve the Simplified Binding structure that I like to use for my artist’s books. It has all been quite wonderful.

    I was also able to take time to see Cathryn Miller’s book exhibition at Arts at Atlantic while I was in Calgary. Great work Cathryn – I would describe it as “Extreme Origami”!

    I’m teaching 1 day workshop in Lumsden this next weekend, so will get more bookish inspiration then,too, I expect.


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