New Artist Books by Cathryn Miller

Check out these three newly issued artists books by Cathyrn Miller!

The first is entitled “Cathorse Colors”:

Cathorse-cover Cathorse-spread

Edition of 30
15.25 cm (6”) x 14.25 cm (5.5”) closed
Digitally reproduced linocut/chine-collé illustrations by Mary Romanuck.
Archival inkjet print on Legion Domestic Etching.
Mary Romanuck’s linocuts again delight the viewer in a second counting book from Byopia Press. Inspired by an Oaxacan carved cathorse creature, the illustrations are visually engaging as well as providing colors to count.

Secondly, “The ME Ching”!

ME-Ching-closed Lucky-CoinMe-Ching-title-pageMe-Ching-page-spread 

Edition of 18
15.25 cm (6”) x 11.75 cm (4.5”) closed
Cover: starch-coated cotton paper, Chinese “Lucky Coin”, cotton cord.
Text block: laser printed 100% acid-free paper, Chinese Lucky Coin.
Given the high-speed world in which we live, the I Ching —that ancient tool of divination and decision-making— no longer seems appropriate. Cathryn Miller has produced a pamphlet introducing a modern alternative. Beginning with an introduction to the history of the I Ching, then covering methodology and interpretation, this twelve-page booklet concludes with one page of simple instructions for the use of the ME Ching to aid in decision-making. A Chinese Lucky Coin is included in a special pocket.

Lastly, “Lucky Stars”!


Open Edition
7.5 cm (3”) x 4.75 cm (1.87”) diameter
Clear plastic pill vial with white snap lid containing 120 Lucky Stars folded from discarded magazines, laser printed labels.
This is yet another iteration of the ever popular Byopia Press LUCKY STARS. The 120 stars contained in the vial are free because you can’t sell “Luck”. Like most products on the market today, you are actually paying for the handling and packaging.

For prices and shipping/handling information, please contact Cathryn Miller/Byopia Press at


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