Book Swap Wrap-Up Event

For those of you lucky bunch involved in the book swap that was organized last year, here is some exciting news regarding the Swap Wrap-Up Event!

Sat. Jan. 9th (Sun. Jan 10th is also reserved in case of bad highway driving on the 9th, so you may also want to block this day off)
Solar Garden Restaurant and Conference Center, Craik, SK
10 am to 3 pm
Agenda: TBA, but we should have some time for swapping, show and tell, and maybe even a mini-workshop
Tea and coffee will be provided, however there is no outside food or drinks allowed so lunch needs to be purchased. A soup and sandwich lunch will be offered. The cost for this will be $10 per person (partially subsidized by CBBAG SK as a thank you for participating!)
Swap participants, please RSVP to letting me know if you will be attending in person or mailing your books in. If you are attending in person, do you have any dietary restrictions?
For interested people not involved in the swap but want to come and admire all the handmade books, we will wait to see how many people from the swap group are attending before the event opens up to others, but there may be a few spots open for those who just want to come and gawk. If you are wanting to attend as a non-swapper email with you interest.
Remember 18 books on Jan. 9th!

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