SK Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

As promised, I have compiled a short listing of some of the tasks and responsibilities that are available for anyone interested in committing to some volunteer work with the SK Chapter. These are not formal roles by any means, and so the hours you can devote in these various roll/teams/tasks are totally up to you.

  • workshop organization
  • fundraising/event organization (another Afternoon Book Affair anyone!?)
  • book-swap organization
  • blog/email box writing and up-keep
  • light treasurer duties
  • newsletter liaison (reports on chapter activities, photo submissions, etc. for CBBAG publications)

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and if there is anything not on here that you think should be (or want to create something new), just let me know.

I don’t mind keeping tabs on our blog and communications and being the “formal face” as CBBAG SK Liaison to the national chapter (but everything is still up for grabs if you are interested!), the more the merrier for sure! The group is just getting too large (which is a good thing!) for me to continue organizing all of the roles above . If we want to keep growing, we need you!

Anyways, if you are interested in spending some time in any of these rolls, please let me know (send an email to: and we’ll get some teams going on these things soon.



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