The Light Swap 2

Here is the second instalment of swap books with three more artist’s books for your enjoyment.


Luminous Intensity

cover (closed)




I made this book to challenge myself to try some different techniques. Making a miniature book with 26 copies was a first for me, along with using only paper that I had on hand. Instead of stitching this book, I used rice paper paste with varied results. Making sections with 2 types of pop-ups was fun, as well as learning how to use foiling. I hurried to meet the original deadline and made this book over two intense weekends.


Tammy Gordon-Dirks



light (closed)

light (half open)

light (open)


With the theme of light, my first thoughts went to sunlight and colour and how without light there is no colour and without an inner light, life is colourless.

The book (encased in a black cover) is made from wheat paste paper, and uses the explosion book fold. Filled with hues of yellow and other bright colours, it is hoped the book bursts with sunlight once the cover is opened to expose the interior.

The book has a poem and some quotes by artists and authors. These were laser printed then pasted into the inner folds of the book. The poem and quotes were selected specifically, to depict the sentiment that without light there is no colour, whether the light is within or without.

As I developed my book and went through this thought process, I also realized that the book represented myself and the inner changes I have experienced these last few years. Losing and then finding my own inner light.

Lisa Heron


Star Light, Star Bright

star light




This little book is a variation of a style called ‘Star Book’ which usually has the pages glued in such a way that they open in different directions. I played with it until I had an arrangement of pages that would open up so that it actually resembles a star. The covers are a watercolour paper and the pages are a lighter drawing paper which were the best I could find in New Zealand where the papers were painted. Acrylic paints were used on a Gelatin plate to work the patterns into the paint before applying to the paper. Cutting to size and assembly took place back home in Regina. The ribbon and bead keep the book open, or secure it when closed.

Gerda Osteneck


If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.



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3 responses to “The Light Swap 2

  1. Kristina komendant

    Looking very good Cathryn, Well done ! I especially like the great ‘Close-up’ photos. The text also reminds me ‘how’ these books were made. Thank you, KeK 😮 )


  2. These look Great! It will be wonderful having them all together.


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