The Light Swap 4

Today we have three more books for the fourth post in this series.



Hamre 1

Hamre 2

Hamre 3

I  traveled in Ireland in September, 2015 and visited Bru na Boinne, the site of three massive mound tombs.  The lighted passage leading to the central tomb in  Knowth gave me the idea to create a tunnel book using a photograph I took of the passage. To hold the tunnel book together and protect it I decided to make a slip case with a pull ribbon.  I wanted to capture the feeling of being in the passage, so I used photographs of the exterior of the mound for the sides of the tunnel book and for the front of the slip case.

Kathy Hamre



SM 1

SM 2

SM 3

‘Light’ is descriptive in this lightweight field notebook made from Saskatchewan field plants.  The book is 5.5 x 4 x 1 cm, can be tied closed and carried easily into the field.

I have been traveling a lot recently and prefer to carry paperback books, rather than hardcovers.  I like the way the books are rarely flat in my hand.

Susan Mills


The Lightweight Book


My book version, perhaps very narrowly, fits the concept of “Light” because it is very tiny and ‘light’ weight.  Each miniature book contains signatures sewn with linen thread.  The hard covers were made with matt board and painted wheatpaste cloth or paper then bound with an open spine.  A metal ring was inserted at the top of the spine and a ribbon or cord attached to enable the new owner to wear their book as a necklace.

I added a note to each participant’s book that reads “Every story begins with ONCE UPON A TIME………” I use my own little book to collect autographs.

Erin Partridge


If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.


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