The Accordion and Fold Book Workshop

CBBAG Saskatchewan hosted an accordion and fold book workshop in Davidson on Sunday October 2. Led by Cathryn Miller of Byopia Press, the ten participants made three simple accordion books using three different methods, two boustrophedon books, a model of Hedi Kyle’s panel book, two different flexagons, and an interlocked band closure.






Participants also enjoyed a short show and tell session during the lunch break.


(All photos by David G. Miller.)



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5 responses to “The Accordion and Fold Book Workshop

  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun. I hope I can come to a workshop one day.


  2. Robin

    The Hedi Kyle panel book was super cool!


  3. Carla

    Due to previous engagements I couldn’t come to the workshop. As an alternative I set aside the next day as a “making day”. Didn’t get the benefit of the instruction, but it got me to work. I’ll keep my eyes open for more workshops.

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  4. We look forward to seeing you!


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