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The Canadian Bookbinders & Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) Saskatchewan Chapter welcomes anyone residing in the province who is interested in learning about bookbinding and book arts.  All current members of CBBAG who reside in Saskatchewan automatically become members of the Saskatchewan Chapter.

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10 responses to “About

  1. Warren Arcan


    I want to make chapbooks and would like information and pointers in this regard.

    Thank you.

    Warren A.


  2. Lauren

    Can someone from Manitoba join please?


    • Robin

      Hey Lauren,

      Our events and activities are open to all (members and non-members), if you are a CBBAG member you will get the CBBAG rate no matter what part of the country you are in 🙂 I am unsure if there is a Manitoba chapter at this time, but when you register for your CBBAG membership, you can also just let them know you would like to be included in the Saskatchewan chapter if that is your wish.


  3. Leona Larsen

    Leona Larsen here. I was at the Cabbage Pie event in June and would like to become a member of CABBAGE Sask. I would also like to be included in the book swap that will be taking place sometime in the near future. I have already prepared approx. 5 books for this swap, so I am determined to become a member if you will have me. Thanks


    • Robin

      Hey Leona, of course we would be happy to have you join the group officially! All you have to do is sign up for a membership, you will be automatically added to the CBBAG SK Chapter!


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  5. Where do you meet? I’ve taken a couple friends courses with Martha Cole and enjoyed the processes she taught.


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