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New Work

Cathryn Miller will be showing some new book works at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery on the University of Saskatchewan campus the week of June 26 — 30, 2017 as part of a group exhibition. There will be a presentation by the participating artists at noon on Tuesday the 27th, and a celebratory evening on the 28th. Cathryn will also be in attendance at the gallery on Thursday and Friday mornings, the 29th and 30th.



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Bookish with Cathryn Miller: Get-Together Report

The CBBAG get-together and tour of Cathryn Miller’s exhibition Bookish took place on Sunday, November 20th in Saskatoon. We met for coffee and then visited Cathryn’s exhibit.  Cathryn was a generous host, touring the labyrinth with us, and allowing us to contribute a wish and teaching us to fold a wishing star. She shared anecdotes and answered our questions. This is an amazing show and the 55,000 wishing stars may be the world’s biggest book, if each star’s text is considered a page.


Bookish will be on view until December 31, 2016 during Market Mall hours: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday — 9:30 am – 6 pm,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday — 9:30 am – 9 pm,
Sunday and Statutory Holidays — 11 am – 5 pm.

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CBBAG Saskatoon Get-Together and Bookish Exhibition

CBBAG SK invites everyone for a get-together and tour of Cathryn Miller’s exhibition Bookish on Sunday, November 20th.  The group will meet at 1:00 pm for coffee at the Coachman Restaurant at Market Mall in Saskatoon and then visit Cathryn’s exhibit.  Cathryn will be in attendance to show the work and teach interested individuals how to fold their own wishing stars – see her press release below for details.

please RSVP to

YouÕre Invited to a Create A ThonBookish Press Release:

Gallery on the Greens and the management of Market Mall are pleased to announce Bookish, an exhibition of work by Cathryn Miller of Byopia Press. The works on display cover the range of Miller’s oeuvre from altered book sculptures to miniature books. There will be some old favourites in new forms and several completely new works.

As an added bonus for the month of November, Miller’s installation piece The Persistence of Hope will be on display at Market Mall in the space between Smitty’s and The Children’s Museum. The work takes the form of a meditation labyrinth made of tens of thousands of paper stars, each with a wish hand-written inside it. Miller has been collecting wishes and folding stars for almost two and a half years to create this piece. She will be in attendance to show the work and teach interested individuals how to fold their own wishing stars from 2 to 4 on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons throughout the month.

Miller has been working in the book arts for twenty years and making artist’s books since 2004. Her works are held in public and private collections around the world. Paper and book works from Byopia Press have been shown in more than sixty exhibitions: local, national, and international. Miller has twice won the Clara Baldwin Award for best Functional/Production Work at Dimensions, the biennial juried exhibition of the Saskatchewan Craft Council. She has also won a Merit Award, and the Jane Turnbull Evans Award for Innovation. When she won the Premier’s Prize For The Outstanding Entry in 2011 she became the only individual ever to receive this award for work in two different media. She won the Premier’s Prize for a third time in 2015.

Bookish will be on view from November 1 to December 31, 2016 during Market Mall hours: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday – 9:30 am – 6 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 9:30 am – 9 pm
Sunday & Statutory Holidays – 11 am – 5 pm

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The Light Swap 7

Here is the final swap contribution (a blook rather than a book), and a bonus from a surprise guest.

The Light-up Book

RC 1

RC 2

I took inspiration for my book from a quote by Madeleine L’Engle: “A book too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe”.

This book does just that. It brings light to darkness, just in the same way that bookbinding has brought a light into my life.

From a technical perspective, I wanted to challenge myself to work with something new, so I hacked LED Christmas ornaments and created the USB powered light-up books. Each book is unique in appearance and incorporates book cloth, decorative papers, tissue, and LED components.

Robin Canham


Melancholy Remedies

AB 1

AB 2

When my good friend, Professor Arabella D. Button, heard about the gathering she crashed the party to deliver her own interpretation of Light.  Although she has sold books at Comic Conventions under the name Professor Button’s Handbound Books she is also an apothecary.  She thought we might all need a pick-me-up after the excitement of the swap and brought Melancholy Remedies to restore ‘light’-heartedness; one for morning and one for bedtime.  The vials of pills were encased in a version of a clam shell box, constructed to resemble a book when placed on a shelf.


Erin Partridge


We hope everyone has enjoyed this series.

If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.

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The Light Swap 6

This week features the final two books from the Light swap.



TB 1

TB 2

TB 3

My book for the Light Swap started with the search for a text. “Light” by Rabindranath Tagore seemed perfect, and I chose handmade paper from Papeterie St. Armand – golden yellow for the book, and plum for the wrapper.

The poem mentions lilies and jasmine, so I made linocuts of the two flowers. While I was setting the type, I thought of using a simple structure I had learned from Ed Hutchins and while I was playing with the image and text proofs, it occurred to me that I could print the poem inside the structure instead of on the surface. Then I thought it would be interesting to find a way to light the text. I called a friend who teaches in the Engineering faculty at MUN who put me in touch with an electrical engineer who made some suggestions. A classroom kit for learning about circuits seemed just the thing, as it uses adhesive-backed copper tape and mini LED lights.

With the addition of a few dingbats, everything came together!

Tara Bryan



LC 1 LC 2 LC 3

When starting my book I had so many ideas for “Light”. My mind went off on a tangent and just whirled around until I had to come back down to earth and start to really think about me and the word light. I love stitching and thought “Hey the stitch mark makes a point for light”.

So was born a book with stitching. The initial page was machine stitched, then folded, and the pockets were hand sewn with a blanket stitched edge. I thought about how the viewer could interact with this book and create their own light. Using spools of threads for the shapes and sizes of the circles (staying with the stitch theme) I cut holes in the paper to allow the viewer to peek through to see different dark and light colours. The pockets held slips of paper that could be taken out or turned over for a different value of colour. This book was designed to be interactive.

This was a fun project and I am thankful to have been able to participate.

Leann Clifford


If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.


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The Light Swap 4

Today we have three more books for the fourth post in this series.



Hamre 1

Hamre 2

Hamre 3

I  traveled in Ireland in September, 2015 and visited Bru na Boinne, the site of three massive mound tombs.  The lighted passage leading to the central tomb in  Knowth gave me the idea to create a tunnel book using a photograph I took of the passage. To hold the tunnel book together and protect it I decided to make a slip case with a pull ribbon.  I wanted to capture the feeling of being in the passage, so I used photographs of the exterior of the mound for the sides of the tunnel book and for the front of the slip case.

Kathy Hamre



SM 1

SM 2

SM 3

‘Light’ is descriptive in this lightweight field notebook made from Saskatchewan field plants.  The book is 5.5 x 4 x 1 cm, can be tied closed and carried easily into the field.

I have been traveling a lot recently and prefer to carry paperback books, rather than hardcovers.  I like the way the books are rarely flat in my hand.

Susan Mills


The Lightweight Book


My book version, perhaps very narrowly, fits the concept of “Light” because it is very tiny and ‘light’ weight.  Each miniature book contains signatures sewn with linen thread.  The hard covers were made with matt board and painted wheatpaste cloth or paper then bound with an open spine.  A metal ring was inserted at the top of the spine and a ribbon or cord attached to enable the new owner to wear their book as a necklace.

I added a note to each participant’s book that reads “Every story begins with ONCE UPON A TIME………” I use my own little book to collect autographs.

Erin Partridge


If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.

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The Light Swap 3

Here are this week’s swap books.

Because of Light we have Colour





I spent a long time thinking about the text of this book and when I did get writing it – the form of separate signatures suggested different topics within the theme of light and colour.  I wanted to include a section on the physics of light and colour and another section on the spiritual use of light as metaphor.  Physically I had a lot of pleasure putting together coloured objects, colourful marbled pages and even using a rather vividly coloured variegated  thread to bind it. The title Because of Light we have Colour allowed me to go in many directions.

Kate Hodgson


Prairie Light on Longest Night


detail one

detail two


How could I meet the challenge of making 18 books for the Light swap, manage the process and reflect my experience of winter light on prairie?  The essential elements would be wheatpaste painting, simplicity, sky, snow and sparkles.  The result is a long horizontal concertina fold book with chocolate box inner wrapper fitting into a matching envelope .  When we met for the exchange, the significance of the solstice season on prairie became especially apparent as the books were opened and connected together around the circle .

Barbara Vance Mader


Only two books this week, but there is an added bonus: you can see a picture of Prairie Light on Longest Night being assembled around the table by clicking here.


If you have a question about any of these books, please contact us at Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate artist.

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